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Materials for Water Colour

We always reccomend purchasing art supplies at an art supply store, there are many good ones in Calgary. You will get better products and at a lower price than at craft stores such as Micheals. We reccomend Inglewood, Mona Lisa or Kensington Art supply.




We reccomend buying artist quality water colour paints in tubes. We have found that the added cost is offset by the higher pigment load of the artist quality paints, meaning that you will use less paint.


A good brand is Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith


Suggest Colours (fewer colours is better thna more)

Aureoliu Yellow
New Gamboge (Yellow)

Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue

Winsor Red or Permanent Rose
Viridian (Green)

Burnt Sienna
Neutral Tint


For Painting Flowers:

Winsor Violet
Quinacridone Magenta


Art Masking Fluid

Paper – Suggest buying a Block of paper rather than stretching individual sheets, Arches 140 Cold Pressed Block (9 X12) would be a good choice


Large water colour Palette with lid

Brushes – high qualtiy synthetic brushes are now bery good.
1 inch angled or wash

#12 Round
#6 Round
#2 Round
#2 Rigger


Tracing Paper

Paper Towels