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Materials for Drawing

We always reccomend purchasing art supplies at an art supply store, there are many good ones in Calgary. You will get better products and at a lower price than at craft stores such as Micheals. We reccomend InglewoodMona Lisa or Kensington Art supply.


Drawing can use maney different materials. A set of drawing pencils in various grades of hardness and a sketchbook is a good place to start.


Charcoal can be purchased in several varieties, thin vine charcoal, traditional sticks and as a pencil. Drawings can be done on newsprint, cartridge paper or pastel papers. A good drawing paper would make a place to start.


For pen and ink you will need a pen with a couple of different nibs, these are like a fountain pen, and you will need a small jar of india ink. Alternatively, you can also use the felt tipped marker pens that can be purchased at an Art Supply store.