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Materials for Acrylics

We always reccomend purchasing art supplies at an art supply store, there are many good ones in Calgary. You will get better products and at a lower price than at craft stores such as Micheals. We reccomend InglewoodMona Lisa or Kensington Art supply.




There are many good brands of acrylic paints, in particular Goldon or Liquitex

Suggest Colours (fewer colours is better)

Hansa Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Yellow Ochre

Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue

Cadmium Red Light
Viridian (Green)

Burnt Sienna
Titanium White (Large Tube)


Canvas or Board, suggest 14 X 18 size to start

Stay Wet Palette with lid, or disposable paper


Acrylics are hard on brushes so we suggest using the synthetic nylon brushes

1 inch angled or wash

#12 bright or filbert

#6 bright or filbert

Fan Brush

#2 Round
#2 Rigger


Tracing Paper

Paper Towels