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How Our Classes Work

Our classes are held in an open format, each artist paints whatever they want to and in whatever media they wish. If and when you need some help, the instructor will make the rounds and help where needed.


Our classes are friendly and informal. We are open to people of all levels and abilities, from those who have never painted before, to those who have been painting for many years.


Even if you are someone who has been painting for years, signing up for a class my be benificial. We all have great intentions to spend some time painting, but without a scheduled time set aside, most of us never get around to it! Instead we do laundry, putz around the kitchen, or heaven forbid, go to work! By having a set date each week dedicated to painting we might actually get something done!


We have artists working in oils, water colour, acrylics or pastels, often all in the same class! Our instructors have experience in each of these media, and even where they aren't experts, the principles of making good art remain the same no matter the medium or subject matter.